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Letting Go


Let it go, Let it go…cold never bothered me anyway…I will rise like the break of dawn! Let it go! the famous ‘Frozen’ movie song. Can it be the mantra in today’s life? Yes, of course!

Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.

“Letting go” this strong affirmation what it actually says, is to give up resisting and struggling to hold on meaningless issues. Accept ‘What is’ and ‘let go of what was’! Life is full of challenges and taking risks. As we become mature and grow wiser, we realize what we need to hold on and what let go. I will never forget my best friends words “Set-loose guys”! It was a funny gesture and we all rolled in aisles and mocked with the word “set-loose” at him but deep inside there was a message.

No point in holding back grudges and messing up the present. Many problems are created by us which cater to health issues because of holding that stress in our body and mind. Like the song ‘Let it Go…’shed away your anger, grief, tensions and worries.There is so much to achieve in this short span of our lives. There are many opportunities we can avail according to our individual capabilities and this is not possible if we remain paralyzed by all those things we are supposed to let go.

Our mind and body constitute a single, unified system. Anything that affects one component of the system usually affects the other as well. Every emotional state has an impact on our physical being for better and for worse. There is nothing like ‘perfect moment’ for positive changes in our lives. Enjoying every bit of it makes it worth living. Our mind is like a little child. It creates our future. Of course it will rebel at first. It does not want to be retrained. But if you are strong and focused, in a very short time, the new way of thinking will be established.

Training mind can be achieved by practicing yoga and the most important part of yoga practice is the end, that pose is called Shavasana (corpse). Shavasana rarely fails to induce a sense of calm and relaxation. As body and mind are one, by becoming aware of your body and by learning to let go of the tension that it holds within it, your whole being becomes calmer and more serene.

Make life simpler, let go past and foresee future. Happiness comes within and it needs to be cultivated. We have to examine ourselves what contributes to a flourishing, in our life. Pain will leave you, when you let go. There will never be a time when life is easy and simple. There always be time to accept things and start practicing it. Believe every moment is a chance to let go and feel peaceful in life.

Let go of Frustration in your life:

  • Express yourself through creative outlet like blogging or painting or cooking new dishes
  • Stop thinking of past, but always to take along good memories
  • Love yourself, appreciate and thank God for your presence in this world
  • Focus all your energy on something you can control
  • Start training your mind and learn new skills
  • Forgive others and lead on
  • Practice Deep Breathing
  • Make a list of your accomplishments-small things in day to day life
  • Channel your discontent into an immediate positive action

Ponder on this thought and make an approach towards it.

I end with these wise words , “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or loose.” The Frozen movie song truly depicts it and it could be your mantra and inspiration of living. -‘ Let it Go’ song

The Art of Achieving what you want

Everyone in this world wants his dream should come true. We can achieve what we want provided if we think in an appropriate way.

Dreams can be achieved by removing negative thoughts and concentrating on only positive thoughts.

We need to first believe that we can achieve, what we are dreaming. Once we have that strong desire, we need to keep telling our subconscious mind about the desire and register that thought in our mind.

There are different techniques explained by various authors for achieving your dreams.  Two of them i would like to explain in brief here.

Positive Affirmations –

Louise Hay in her book “You can Heal your Life” explains this concept.

We need to create the affirmation statement for overcoming the problem that you are currently facing  or for achieving your desire e.g. if you have problems at work and your dream is to get a good boss who treats you with respect  at work, affirmation statement for this can be

 “I always work for wonderful boss”.

Once you have affirmation in place, keep saying this aloud daily. Repeat this for 300-400 times a day, say it with belief, make a song of it, write it down on piece of paper 10 times daily. With this all you are doing is registering that thought in your subconscious mind. Once it is registered there,  you will start experiencing the magic and slowly that dream starts coming to reality. Below link will provide more input to this concept. I personally prefer reading her book though.

Creative Visualization –

In this technique, you need to visualize your dream in your mind as if it is already fulfilled e.g. you have a dream of owning a big house.

You need to detail out how your new house will look like in your mind, close your eyes and imagine yourself already staying in your new house. Imagine each and every details of you staying and enjoying in your new house. Imagine as much details as you can.

You need to visualize your dream daily until you achieve that dream. You should visualize in quiet place closing your eyes. This is just like meditation, but in meditation you empty your mind and you do not listen to any of your thoughts, in creative visualization you need to put your mind to work and ask it to visualize your dream. Important thing here is you need to imagine that you have already achieved that dream. This is very well demonstrated in Video series by Lisa Nichols and you can refer books from Shakti Gawain.

These techniques work with faith and strong belief. So go ahead and make your dreams  a reality.