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Just when I think I am done!!!

In conversation with my friend about Life at each others end, we both immediately made similar statements – monotonous routine, job-work, cooking, picking and dropping kids, calling kids for home-work, to eat food, waking them up early mornings list is unending, when will it be done forever!

In conversation with my husband, How was your day in office today? and the reply came routine with work load, office politics, dead lines, when will it be done!!

Well on other side my daughter Hooray Mamma! School is reopening after winter break. I am happy to meet my buddies, play, learn all in fun way. Each day is new and different for her. Yeah! and that’s what I call a Real Life. Childhood is careless, naughty, fun, play, enjoying each and every passing moment of life. No worries, no botheration to know the realities of family ties, social values or Life itself. It is the most pleasant time of our life, a time to enjoy where nothing matters. Yet, as I sit here, staring at my childhood, I wonder why I’ve changed so much? Why do we grow old and become strangers to that little kid we once were? Why do we think that just because we are no longer kids, our hopes and ambitions have to be forgotten? Why do we see our childhood as a vague and distant memory? I know that the world is not fair and it might seem impossible at times, but one thing I do remember about my childhood is that I never gave up, I never stopped trying. I wish I could become a child again. Its the same routine daily and silly questions pop in my mind that why I have to do the same stuff again and again? When I will be done with it forever? Ha Ha Ha… Mother’s job is tough, less relaxing and unending. I still wonder how our mother’s did all daily chores without ifs and buts.

Nevertheless I came to reality from my dreams and realized it was the small child speaking inside me. How can I getaway from my responsibilities and practicality of Life. Whenever I think I am done, there is always new challenge awaiting. Is it true for me alone? Or everyone facing similar problems?

It immediately strikes me of words by Hugh Prather – “Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes”. So apt in today’s world. Not me alone but many of us wish to live simple life but simplicity at times demands more. We face doubt about the decisions taken and uncertainty of Life.

How can I say when it will be done when the situation and time are always demanding. Challenges are knocking door and many hands ready to pull you up & down. Each phase of Life is a bliss and a learning. Though I know my childhood will never come again but that little child in me will always be there curious and cranky. Accepting challenges of Life, treasuring the child within us lets be prepared always, because we never know       When all be done!!!


Bonds of today

Early morning as per ritual I grab my mobile and daily notice more than 100 messages on Whatsapp. I scroll my mobile which always rests from 10:00pm – 6:00am giving me my own space for slumber-land. Taking my first sip of tea, I go through each group on Whatsapp. I am amazed to view the discussions happening. Family groups discussing of reunion, finalizing marriage dates, what costumes to be wore during thread ceremony of boys, anniversaries of loved ones etc. where as College/school groups kick about tags ‘Lets catch up! Guys’, ‘Milte Hai!!(Let’s Meet) and lots of forwarded messages. Considering availability of each person in the group plans are chalked out with in few minutes. Few years back the technology was telephone, letters and long days of wait, to make decisions.

Following through each conversation I pondered, is there really no bonding between families or family member. Everyone is busy in their own world, but this technology is also getting people closer. The younger generations making use of Whatsapp, Skype or IMO similarly the elder ones too learning and being part of it. I appreciate all their efforts and accepting the mobile world. Our parents though not techie, but make full use of video calls, sharing their snaps and events attended through Whatsapp or Skype.

In a group, on birthdays though a single person may be remembering the date, but its reminded to all and everyone tries to wish the person. I personally feel the thought given at that particular moment to wish and a second to type only 3 letters ‘HBD’ is worth acknowledgeable. Conveying the wishes and receiving feels special and connected to the person.

Alternate days some birthdays pop-up in the group, sharing of some achievements or even sad news, everything available on our palm with just ‘one click’. Its fascinating to view the entire ceremony of particular event from thousands of miles away. Each and every bit of it can be experienced. Isn’t it good? At times, work or Life’s challenges demand more but no wonder these stunning gadgets makes each and every juncture of Life significant. Capturing moments, sharing feelings and thoughts through messaging makes it simpler and easier. Articles/Blogs are read and reached to thousands of people in one go.

In periodic life its difficult to be connected to all, but yes, this is the finest medium to reach, express views and stay in touch. Relations, bonding remains with thoughts and attachments. Although technology of ‘one click’ world cant replace the joy of personal meets and Live events but it is the best alternative available these days. After all its true intimacy for each other whether it is through ‘one click’ or face to face.


Plot no. 50

An ordinary couple, coming from the joint family was searching for a place to be home. Owning a house in the city wasn't very compatible with life's other challenges. The desire to have own space and build a small world for himself was their dream.
Buying a shelter of his own is the toughest thing in this mankind. I don't understand why I am so expensive when God has given abundant space for everyone on this earth. After lot of exploration and to their efforts, I was discovered in 1983. With love and care I was designed by booming Architect at that time. Taking into account the functionality, aesthetics and all Architectural aspects along with family requirements of the couple I was designed and constructed in 1984. I had strong foundation like the willpower of owner(head of family-earning male member). I was named 'Bhagya' (fortune).The couple had 2 lovely daughters, a sweet family of four members. Thinking way ahead of future, my planning was done. Separate rooms for kiddos and beautiful garden, Asoka trees and garage for bicycles and a big porch for four-wheeler and place for swing too. My owner loved gardening and was fond of different plants and flowers in the garden. I was painted, decorated, draped with lovely curtains, a perfect home full of joy and happiness. I witnessed celebration of festivals, birthday parties and get-togethers. With presence of grandparents, affection of other family members I was growing with grace.
But unfortunately in Life's cycle all good never happens, I too had my share of bad phase. The sudden demise of owner and all responsibility of maintaining me was on co-owner and girls. But, I was a loan free property. I was given all attention by three females of the house. I stood beside them firmly.
Girls were getting older, their friends hanging-out, chitchats and studies was in the air. I was getting educated with mug-ups, theories and even girls fight too.
I was assimilating more mess with all Architectural material around me. T-scales, Architectural board, parallel and tonnes of sheets and model making materials spread all over the room. On one side I was learning Architecture and other space was occupied by Chartered Accountant books. Huge in size, bulky books, I still wonder how they study them all? But yes, I took all pressure, force and stood with them.
It makes me nostalgic with aroma of food from kitchen, when the lady used to cook, girls baking cakes and preparing chocolates. Though many sleepless nights went in missing the owner and that void still remains.
I saw childhood of girls, their marriages and even their kids birth too. I was firm as my owner and they maintained me very well. Though standing for 30 years my wear & tear was showing up. A time came, before I need more repairs and patch-ups I was decided to be demolished and get a completely new look of spacious flats and space for more people to occupy. A complete justice was done by new budding Engineer and Construction Associates. With all latest technology, materials and quintessential love I got a complete make over to 'Gulmohar' Apartment, but I still remain Plot no. 50. I am happy as I was reconstructed at proper time. Some decisions are tough in Life to be taken, but if wisely thought of and with support of the family members everything is possible. I am standing today with beauty, pride and strong foundation, ready to provide more shade with love & care to upcoming generation of the owner and other people too. I assume myself fortunate as I am still living my owner's dream and carrying all emotions & memories. Continuing his blessings on me and to live long gives me positive energy in the vaastu. 
I am Plot no. 50, though officially a space in Nagpur but I reside in the hearts of owner and all family members. My Journey begins now!!!
 23rd January 2017

Fall of the foliage


Autumn – Bright orange, sunny yellow, varied hues of reds and browns. These bright colors are full of zest and happiness around. The changing colors of leaves from lush green to yellow, is a beautiful spectacular view to be treasured in memories. The transformation of these leaves and then shedding them off from their main soul, i.e parent tree is Fall of the Foliage. The red fiery trees enlighten the surroundings. The dropped leaves which  luminously shine are on their own, separate from the parent tree. The wind shows direction and takes them away to places. The falling sun rays on these bright colors illuminates the surrounding colorful. Blanket of these maple leaves on ground and cool breeze waving these leaves here and there, makes the view adorable.


I wonder if our life could be like these trees, shedding off all the sorrows, grievances, negative thoughts completely and again restart with new fresh positive thoughts always. As we enjoy the fall bright colors similarly taking forward good old memories and leaving behind the unwanted thoughts of life. How easy it could be if we shed off all differences and focus on just positivity, the brighter side of life.

Nature always convey us messages in some way or the other still we overlook its hints.

Maple Trees show amazing color variations and one cannot take  eye away from it.

October month generally is a mix of rain and sunny days.  Its an inspirational period for sketchers, painters and photographers.


Autumn is usually associated with harvest, Halloween and end of summer and start of cold winters. In autumn daytime and night time temperature decreases. Shops are loaded with Halloween costumes, pumpkins, pumpkin pies, corn and of course candies and chocolates for trick or treat. The wait is for Holy eve, playing pranks, visiting haunted house and talking all scary horror talks. Children as well as adults enjoy this festive time.

The 230 acre Olmsted designed Washington Arboretum is one of the Seattle’s crown jewels for outstanding scenery. The Fall Foliage transforms this park into giant impressionist painting. Besides Arboretum is Seattle’s Japanese Garden full of maple trees. The vivid yellows, golds, reds and oranges are treat to view and to photograph.  Its a must watch park in Seattle during Autumn.





Me Time

What do I write about now? What do I have to say that’s important enough to be worth publishing? With this thought blocking my head I came up with a simple answer “Me Time”. I am enjoying this current peaceful moment of scribbling down my thoughts. Ya my own ‘me time’. Could it be the topic today?

Most of us know that self-care is essential for happiness. But do we take the time to think about what self-care actually means for each of us?

“Me time” means time of a person for himself/herself for his own enjoyment, pleasure and relaxation. The first thing to understand of ‘me time’ is that it is not selfish. You should not feel guilty of taking it. Rather its a healthiest way to keep yourself and people around you contented. Its very true you can’t take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself. When you treat yourself well, it will trickle down to everything else in life –  your partner, children, classmates, co-workers etc.

But making yourself the top priority is hard when you have a seemingly endless to-do list of family, work and school obligations. How do you find that time for you?

  1. Convincing yourself that its for your benefit and not selfish
  2. Asking family members for help for e.g. If the kids are old enough some tasks can be distributed to them like arranging of plates for dinner, folding of clothes, watering plants etc.
  3. Learn to say ‘No’ i.e. not compromising with your time, some commitments can wait but not time
  4. Find an activity that is relaxing not stressful at all. It could be anything reading books, painting, blogging, cooking, long drive alone, a walk on treadmill etc. anything which makes your mind happy
  5. Make yourself accountable and create opportunities for yourself

15 – 30 minutes on daily basis, for self-care can be very well worked upon. Its not about women only rather implies to men too. It is important for men to feel their independence. And why not co-ordinate “me” times? When a man is in his ‘den’, he wants to be left alone. He’s working out his problems and frustrations by doing something alone, like reading newspaper or watching TV or doing something active with his buddies or even listening to music. You should not feel guilty for taking time out for you. At the end of the day, it really is a win-win for everyone.

Some of the ways to deal with self care are Eating nutritious food, yes, Exercise regularly, sure. Then, of course, there’s hydrating, sleeping sufficiently, meditating and doing whatever other relaxation rituals work for you. With today’s busy pace, you can all too easily forget how to recharge your batteries. Yet, it’s important for your health, well-being and creativity to take time out to relax and find some “me” time. Taking time out for yourself is not a luxury–it’s a necessity. Most particularly, it is an important part of keeping your stress levels at bay.

Awareness and Acceptance

As a parent we always face challenges in raising kids. Being parents for last 7 years, we also faced some anxious moments. We thought to share two of them with you all.  An incident which happened with our daughter related to eye and how still there are myths about wearing glasses.

She had a mishap in school at the age of 6 years. The incident was, while playing in school someone unknowingly poked finger in her eye. The epithelial layer was peeled off and she couldn’t see  with that eye.  We were scared, panic, restless and immediately took her to an ophthalmologist.

The Doctor explained about epithelial layer which is  made up of epithelial tissue and covers the front of the cornea. It acts as a barrier to protect the cornea, resisting the free flow of fluids from the tears, and prevents bacteria from entering the epithelium. We guess many people are unaware of it. If this layer is broken the person is unable to see with that eye for few days. This can also happen because of ball hitting the eye, Holi colors etc. In case of children it gets healed within a week, but visiting doctor immediately is required.

After this issue, we became alert and cautious about her eyes.  We checked her eyes every 6 months. In one of the check-ups, doctor told us that she has Refractive error. Refractive errors are vision problems that happen when the shape of the eye keeps you from focusing well. The cause could be the length of the eyeball (longer or shorter), changes in the shape of the cornea, or aging of the lens. Its completely natural. As a parent we had feelings, Oh! at this age she has to wear spectacles? What people will say? Will she accept it? Is it because of television or reading?

We are thankful to our doctors who made us understand first and then our role started for our daughter to make her accept wearing specs happily.  Spectacles are not age defined. There are many myths about eyesight.

Watching television or continuous reading does not lead to glasses as long as eyes are blinked at regular intervals while doing these acitivities. More information with respect to this can be found in following blog-post-about myths-

If a child is wearing glasses we should avoid negative remarks about child’s look, that can affect child’s psychology and may create inferiority complex in them. It is responsibility of everyone who comes in contact with that child, e.g. teachers, parents, grand parents, friends, relatives etc. We have this habit of making fun of a child wearing glasses, which is strictly a No No . Instead we need to make them aware that it is completely innate having glasses and there is nothing to feel bad about it.

This Awareness is lacking within us and many children unknowingly feel inferior. Negativity affects child’s performance. Children minds are very sensitive. They accept, pick things very fast. Its our responsibility to motivate them, which can help in their betterment and they can become tough, strong in upcoming life. The surroundings in which the child is living matters for overall development too. Children wearing specs  don’t need sympathy,  just an Acceptance. Its all natural and science is advanced so much to dig into it.

Its a sincere effort to make all aware about misconceptions and child’s mindset. Do regular eye check-ups for children and make them understand to accept things positively. This can be done by explaining how eye functions and how better the world will look with just an add-on. We can take help of friends and family members to support them. Positive outlook reflects our and their future. Lets make a difference then, after all we are building Next Generation!!!