Bonds of today

Early morning as per ritual I grab my mobile and daily notice more than 100 messages on Whatsapp. I scroll my mobile which always rests from 10:00pm – 6:00am giving me my own space for slumber-land. Taking my first sip of tea, I go through each group on Whatsapp. I am amazed to view the discussions happening. Family groups discussing of reunion, finalizing marriage dates, what costumes to be wore during thread ceremony of boys, anniversaries of loved ones etc. where as College/school groups kick about tags ‘Lets catch up! Guys’, ‘Milte Hai!!(Let’s Meet) and lots of forwarded messages. Considering availability of each person in the group plans are chalked out with in few minutes. Few years back the technology was telephone, letters and long days of wait, to make decisions.

Following through each conversation I pondered, is there really no bonding between families or family member. Everyone is busy in their own world, but this technology is also getting people closer. The younger generations making use of Whatsapp, Skype or IMO similarly the elder ones too learning and being part of it. I appreciate all their efforts and accepting the mobile world. Our parents though not techie, but make full use of video calls, sharing their snaps and events attended through Whatsapp or Skype.

In a group, on birthdays though a single person may be remembering the date, but its reminded to all and everyone tries to wish the person. I personally feel the thought given at that particular moment to wish and a second to type only 3 letters ‘HBD’ is worth acknowledgeable. Conveying the wishes and receiving feels special and connected to the person.

Alternate days some birthdays pop-up in the group, sharing of some achievements or even sad news, everything available on our palm with just ‘one click’. Its fascinating to view the entire ceremony of particular event from thousands of miles away. Each and every bit of it can be experienced. Isn’t it good? At times, work or Life’s challenges demand more but no wonder these stunning gadgets makes each and every juncture of Life significant. Capturing moments, sharing feelings and thoughts through messaging makes it simpler and easier. Articles/Blogs are read and reached to thousands of people in one go.

In periodic life its difficult to be connected to all, but yes, this is the finest medium to reach, express views and stay in touch. Relations, bonding remains with thoughts and attachments. Although technology of ‘one click’ world cant replace the joy of personal meets and Live events but it is the best alternative available these days. After all its true intimacy for each other whether it is through ‘one click’ or face to face.


2 thoughts on “Bonds of today”

  1. Yes technology has its benefits..
    But I feel a quick call to wish someone to say Happy Birthday.. How are u doing is better than pasting some JPEG image or emoticons… what say ?

    1. Ya Saket completely agree with your thoughts, but in this busy schedule I feel that one text also means a lot. Its always to call a person and greet him, no comparison to that process but still that fraction of a second, of sending a jpeg…is appreciable.

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