Arches and Hoodoos! Part-1

Utah, greeted us at the start of Summer vacation. Exploring red sandstones and barren landscape through sketching and hours of hiking on trails was the main motto of this adventure. I geared up myself with maps, camera, favourite hats, sunscreen and pink/black Nike shoes. We wanted to experience the land of rocks, towering fins and spires and the world’s largest concentration of natural sandstone arches. We took a flight to Salt Lake City from Seattle. On the flight, I could watch movies and play games on the screen in front of me. I sat in the window seat like I always do.

Delta 752 interior view blue neon on ceiling was highlighting

When we arrived at Utah, it was very hot. We rented a car, then my dad had to drive for 4 hours to get to our hotel in Moab. The drive was different with raw landscape and very few vehicles on US6. Our hotel was close to Arches National Park and Canyonlands. When we arrived at our room and got settled, we decided to go to Arches National Park. First we saw the Balanced Rock. It was a naturally formed structure that was balanced. My mom was busy sketching, while me and my dad explored the area, saw vegetation growing over there and I was struggling to capture ants into my camera. Entrada sandstone with blue backdrop and a moon is a visual treat. 


The next destination was Delicate Arch. On the way we took breaks to load the camera with moments and filling sketchbooks.

Huge sandstone structures and green vegetation around

The hike to Delicate Arch was 3 miles but it felt like 4 or 5! Delicate Arch looked very beautiful at Sunset. It is a Must-Watch Arch! During our hike we paused and smelled the fleeting bloom of a desert flower, felt the twisting trunks of ancient Junipers, and listened for Raven-call echoing off the rocks.

Large sandstones! Mom’s hand were not stopping to sketch each detail of journey!

We came back down faster, probably because it was mostly downhill. It was a dark and starry night and I could see millions of stars and the White Moon. It was my 1st time walking experience through the dark in a barren landscape with a torch. Indeed thrilling!! By the time we reached to our room, all were exhausted and desperately in need of sleep. 

Worth watching Delicate Arch

The next day we headed to Landscape Arch. The hike was easy as compared to Delicate Arch. It was cloudy and cool breeze of mornings, felt good to have a break from the sun. On our way I saw lizards, ants, different birds, cactus plants and played in the sand too. 

Morning time at Landscape Arch

Later, we hiked to the North & South window arch. It was incredible view on the other side of Arch and windy too.

North Window Arch Entrada sandstone and the tan Navajo sandstone show diagonal lines called cross-bedding

It was noon by the time we hiked back down, so we decided to have lunch and go to Canyonlands. The drive from Arches National Park to Canyonlands was about 1 hour. On our drive, we saw Sandstorm at a distance and encountered a slight drizzle of rain. The changing weather, typography was noteworthy into my journal. This entire place is a place of enduring life and raw beauty, a window from which to contemplate the past and our shared future.

Scripted by our daughter!

More on Cayonlands and Bryce in Part-2