Fremont through Sketchers eye!

The bright sunny Sunday morning in Fremont was the Monthly outing destination this time. It was our first visit to Fremont. Though it was hot weather, I grabbed for myself a shady place and sketched the Lenin statue directly with pen. The visit of Gabi was encouraging for all of us.


The hollow bronze Lenin statue attracts lot of crowd. Fremont is famous for its large public art and quirky statues. As I utilised my time with Moleskine sketchbook, my husband and daughter captured the architectural features and art in camera.

From the corner of the Fremont Pl North, I captured the Planet Orbs, all signal posts along with The Lenin statue. 

Some camera moments of Fremont!

Though wanted to capture the Troll, but by 12:30 the sun was directly on head, so we decided to give it a miss. Fremont is a place of JP patches, Rocket and the Saturn, Planet orbs, Dinosaurs, Center of the Universe and Waiting for the InterUrban. It’s wonderful to see the work of other sketchers and sketch along with them. After sharing the work, we posed for the usual group snap of Seattle Urban Sketchers.

Fremont 25th June 2017

Sketching with the maestros

Group Reportage : Discovering Lake Union Park, was the last workshop of Usk Seattle’s 10×10 workshop series. Being the first visit to Lake Union Park there was lot of zest and eagerness to capture different views in my Moleskine landscape sketch book. The morning started by sketching Centre for  Wooden boats and a totem pole before the experts  arrived. The wooden structure appealed to me because of the rustic look and one can engage in heritage experience here. A place where history becomes alive. It’s a hands on experience at the maritime museum.

Centre for Wooden Boats

Boats with machines and yellow brass measuring gauge drew my attention. The black gizmo with contrast of brass zoomed in to my sketchbook. I tried to capture minute details of it.


The next destination was MOHAI( Museum of History and Industry), surrounded by historical Artifacts. MOHAI is the largest private heritage organisation in the WA. The Carroll’s diamond clock is a perfect example of it. The lush green and yellow pillar with a clock on top stands out elegantly. The Canada Geese roaming around the MOHAI are fun to watch.

Sketching directly with pen

The letters ‘Swiftsure’ on the huge scarlet red colour ship caught hold our vision. Our means me and the master Gabriel Campanario. Within few minutes he guided me how to sketch directly with pen. Three sketches on one page related to that particular spot. The thing which attracts one’s vision is to be sketched, giving very little time to ponder upon. Our hands and brain co-ordinates accordingly and we create a perfect image. Sketching is quick drawing or capturing that moment of place according to ones perspective. It’s a special moment to seek guidance from all the mentors of Urban Sketchers. Gail wong’s Panaromic view concepts, Sue Heston’s simple shapes and stronger sketches, Anita Lehmann’s charcoal shades, David Chamness’s sketching freely without worry!, Steve Reddy’s black & white confident detailing of contours and Gabi Campanario’s quick sketching, drawing human figures and describing the situation – Pocket sketchbook. The most memorable day with Seattle’s Urban Sketchers at South Lake Union Park.

Instructors of Urban Sketchers