Spring break – Los Angeles

We traveled down to Los Angeles last week to enjoy warm sunshine and explore new city life in LA, California state. Our daughter was in full enthusiasm for Disneyland and Universal studios. My husband was aiming for relaxation and I wanted to use all my pencils, sketchbooks, charcoal etc. to do full-time sketching of new environment and of course break from kitchen, ha ha…

We took early morning flight from Seattle to Lax. Our first destination was Santa Monica Beach. It was wonderful bright sunny weather with cool breeze. The city welcomed us by tall palm trees and heavy traffic. We spend hours on beach, visited Amusement park and build sand castles. I tried to capture the sea, sand and deck of Santa Monica. 

Santa Monica Beach, LA
Palm Trees, Santa Monica

At the beach people were relaxing, playing frisbee, cards, flying kites etc. Tall palms looked completely mesmerizing. It was amazing experience to sketch the beach. Later, we took a walk at Third street Promenade and did window shopping. One can find all famous brands in this area. Live singers, musicians and bubbles in the air created magnificent surrounding. Though wanted to sketch here but unfortunately it was too windy.  

Second day we targeted Hollywood Walk of fame & Universal studios. It was bit difficult to sketch at Hollywood Walk of Fame as the crowd was more and many eyes to look upon. Still I managed to capture Grauman’s Chinese Theater and the street with names of stars. The street had Spiderman, Mickey Mouse, Superman… posing to their character.

Grauman’s Chinese Theater

Being Spring Break long wait was there for rides at Universal Studios. I could scribble the Flight of Hippogriff ride with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in background while standing in the queue.

Flight of the Hippogriff

The studios are pleasure to watch. The day ended in a jiffy with thrill and adventure of rides.

The next day was most awaited Disneyland. Beautiful weather and super excitement was within us. It was easy to sketch here as I could grab a good shady place and everyone was in their own Fantasy world.



Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland

Fourth day we went to Downtown LA. Tall buildings, art & culture and Staples Center one could notice here. Staples center is a multipurpose sports arena in Downtown.


Walt Disney Concert Hall is a great example of Architecture, mainly play of planes and forms. The entire structure looks different through various angles. Frank-Gehry designed the structure in 2003.

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Downtown LA, Charcoal

Last day was visit to California Science Center, Griffith observatory. A panoramic view of LA can be observed from the Griffith park. Indeed great Spring of LA, break from Seattle weather and fun-filled adventure in LA. Packing all good memories and experiences we were back to Seattle and now with normal routine.

Hanami 2017

Blooming Cherry Blossom in Neighborhood 4th April 2017

‘Hanami’ or flower viewing, which denotes the simple pleasure of looking at a single Cherry tree or group of trees in bloom. The soothing colors of white and pink flowers are treat to eyes. The five petal flower is a delicacy in itself. The brown colored branches are loaded with flower bunches and are indeed one of the world’s best reminders of fleeting passage of time. The subtle scent and the joy of seeing all variations of fluffiness seem to make us feel happier.

The streets are lined with fluffy, shades of pink one can imagine. With the blow of wind the petals resembles like snowflakes. The ground turns into blanket of white. I couldn’t stop myself to sketch this picturesque view. The color palette and brush urged my imagination and to draw what I perceive. Our neighborhood contains group of Cherry blossom trees, who welcomes the season of Hanami. The wait was long this time as compared to 2016. The Quads at University of Washington too bloomed by first week of April.  



In spite of rains and less sunshine there was huge crowd on 2nd April 2017 at the Quads. People truly enjoy the beautiful blooms which the city experiences. The bridal shoot at the Quads, mommies with strollers, picnic parties, children running all over the area, all indicates the festivity of Hanami – joy and happiness. Spring is the perfect season to awaken the trees and plants from their slumber to display their foliage and blooms once again.

Spring in Seattle