A Refreshing Walk!

Zig-Zag pathway into the woods

The snaking pathway making its way into the woods, pure and fresh air to breathe, birds chirping & searching for food, rabbits crossing the trail and insects, ants crawling on trees.  A perfect decision to take a break from the gym and embrace the outdoors. A Walk in the Woods! Though start of Spring but Seattle maintains cooler and wetter climates. The showers, clouds and sun playing hide & seek calls for Nature to look into. The lush green tall trees play with sun rays giving light and shadow effects on the pathway. I am awed by the sheer impact of unsentimental patterns, twists and turns, falling branches, dried twigs & logs all intriguing different art forms. An artistic expression one can visualize with the maniac of lines, wood textures, harmony & balance of trees and tiny living habitats there. Indeed a powerful natural abstraction.       

A walk in the woods introduced me to myself. The peace, purity of nature calms completely your body and soul. Mind gets the essential boost which an indoor space can’t provide. Mother Earth our original teacher, who existed before us and will exist even after we are gone, unless we destroy it by our carelessness. What a terrible act it will be! The Earth is an amazing gift to explore. The tall huge trees in itself are magical. Growing year by year, spreading their shades, creating beauty to impart and of course nothing asking in return. These trees have a reason of being what they are. Living in the most natural, benevolent way is right here on Earth. There are many Life lessons and reasons hiding behind the trees which are waiting to be found out. Unfortunately we humans value least to our environment – a fact.

We humans have the urge for creativity, innovations and always try new stuff to work upon. But unknowingly the environment is affected. Before we ruin the Earth, certain measures and steps are must to save it with our intelligence and willpower. We all can definitely save it. Save environment and Save trees!!! 

I know that I am getting refreshed & helping myself by walking in the woods. I am spending time in serene nature with all kinds of living organisms and learning new stuff about life. An experience to add on in my Seattle journey. An inspiration for my imagination. And that’s pretty refreshing. Don’t believe me? Take a refreshing walk in the woods. Get to know it a little better, and you will probably be surprised by what it has to share.

Just when I think I am done!!!

In conversation with my friend about Life at each others end, we both immediately made similar statements – monotonous routine, job-work, cooking, picking and dropping kids, calling kids for home-work, to eat food, waking them up early mornings list is unending, when will it be done forever!

In conversation with my husband, How was your day in office today? and the reply came routine with work load, office politics, dead lines, when will it be done!!

Well on other side my daughter Hooray Mamma! School is reopening after winter break. I am happy to meet my buddies, play, learn all in fun way. Each day is new and different for her. Yeah! and that’s what I call a Real Life. Childhood is careless, naughty, fun, play, enjoying each and every passing moment of life. No worries, no botheration to know the realities of family ties, social values or Life itself. It is the most pleasant time of our life, a time to enjoy where nothing matters. Yet, as I sit here, staring at my childhood, I wonder why I’ve changed so much? Why do we grow old and become strangers to that little kid we once were? Why do we think that just because we are no longer kids, our hopes and ambitions have to be forgotten? Why do we see our childhood as a vague and distant memory? I know that the world is not fair and it might seem impossible at times, but one thing I do remember about my childhood is that I never gave up, I never stopped trying. I wish I could become a child again. Its the same routine daily and silly questions pop in my mind that why I have to do the same stuff again and again? When I will be done with it forever? Ha Ha Ha… Mother’s job is tough, less relaxing and unending. I still wonder how our mother’s did all daily chores without ifs and buts.

Nevertheless I came to reality from my dreams and realized it was the small child speaking inside me. How can I getaway from my responsibilities and practicality of Life. Whenever I think I am done, there is always new challenge awaiting. Is it true for me alone? Or everyone facing similar problems?

It immediately strikes me of words by Hugh Prather – “Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes”. So apt in today’s world. Not me alone but many of us wish to live simple life but simplicity at times demands more. We face doubt about the decisions taken and uncertainty of Life.

How can I say when it will be done when the situation and time are always demanding. Challenges are knocking door and many hands ready to pull you up & down. Each phase of Life is a bliss and a learning. Though I know my childhood will never come again but that little child in me will always be there curious and cranky. Accepting challenges of Life, treasuring the child within us lets be prepared always, because we never know       When all be done!!!