Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful,and we have no place to go, Let it Snow, Let it Snow…Let it Snow…

Dazzling words suited to the cold winter weather. But we did have a place to visit in chills and enjoy white powder, the famous Bavarian alpine village ‘Leavenworth’, 4 hours from Seattle.


With Rodnee from Sound Excursions we headed to our journey by Frosty’s Ferrari(bus) from Bellevue to Leavenworth. Sara was our guide throughout the journey. Gearing up with all cozy, warm jackets, gloves, boots and hoods we were set for adventure experience. Our first long distance bus drive in United States. In Frosty’s Ferrari we were Snow-landers. Each family had chosen their team name. Of course the name was thought by our snow lover daughter. The bus was spacious, luxurious and with wash-room necessary for the journey. The weather was freezing cold, snowing throughout and we were entertained by Sara playing Holiday Trivia and Holiday movies. Unfortunately we Snow-landers didn’t won the game but the fun, thrill and family enjoyment was immense and cant be expressed in words. The entire path from Bellevue to Leavenworth is mesmerizing. Tall lush green deciduous trees covered by snow, as if we were travelling in white dessert. The huge transparent windows of the bus made the view crystal clear.

Snow on trees – Sketching

Leavenworth is famous for its Christmas Lighting and Ice-fest. Its a modeled German town and attracts tourism. Leavenworth surrounded by Northern mountain cascades in the backdrop is replica of countryside Bavarian Germany. Our all time fascination to feel the falling snow on our cheeks, making balls and throwing at each other, sledge and tubing, all came true. 2016 was the 50th year of Christmas Lighting festival. Half a million lights were twinkling in Leavenworth. The Lighting festival starts a month ahead of Christmas and fills with crowd during weekends.

Front street Gazebo

Live musical performances of all favorite Christmas songs fill the streets, interrupted briefly at 4:30 pm for the arrival of St. Nickolus at the Front Street Gazebo. Throughout the day we were entertained by high-caliber performances in the Front Street Gazebo, including hand bell choirs, a top-ranking Army National Guard Dixie band, breakout solo artists, the best high school and professional choirs in the Pacific Northwest. We saw carolers strolling through town, the smell of roasted chestnuts filling the air, sledding in Front Street Park, a traditional Gluhwein Tent (selling hot spiced wine and cider), costumed Christmas characters (including Santa, Mrs.Claus and Father Christmas). At regular intervals hot burning fire-woods kept people warm. Being entirely open area, all winter gears and mental preparation for long waiting queues in the restaurants are must. We relished our supper in Los Camperos Mexican restaurant which was served hot, spicy and cheesy apt for cold winter.

The winter fun doesn’t stop here! Holiday concerts and productions, dogsled rides, snowmobiling, alpine skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing – there are plenty of ways here for each person to make the most of their winter wonderland!! Leavenworth is indeed dream destination to visit especially in winter. Must watch place from my Seattle Diaries!!!

View captured from Frosty’s Ferrari (Bus)


Passion Series-4

Good Morning!
Good Morning!! The words we hear early morning by 8:00 am at the School Bus-Stop.
Beep!! The large bright yellow color School Bus comes around the corner of my Community.
Fill!! The Bus carries hundreds of children from school to home and home to school as the kids stand in line.
Slow!! The Bus driver drives, following the safety rules and idling the Bus in Parking lot.
Hooray!! The bright yellow School Bus loves and does his job picking up and dropping off.
Walk!! Moms walk, after the School Bus leaves.
Sketch!! I enjoy my Me time by Live-Sketching!!!