Yeh jo desh hai tera, Swades hai tera…” might sound too filmy to start with, but Bollywood songs express best emotions and feelings within you. Seattle to Mumbai 20 hours journey and still destination Home was 4 hours away i.e. Pune. I always had the feeling, journey is more enjoyable than destination but this time it was the destination Home. Home means many things like our culture, our nation, our family, our relatives/friends and so on. Although I love US, it is not my ‘Home’, just as the priciest luxuries of hotel suites cannot match the warmth of our modest home. After landing at Mumbai airport humidity and sweat greeted us and on roads honking horns. Ya, the ears took little time to adjust these situations and thought again creeped why here in India do we honk? It does bother and worries deep inside.

Hearing to our mother tongue Marathi by taxi driver and Radio Mirchi on the driveway from Mumbai – Pune was exciting and making us more nostalgic. Breakfast of hot vada pav and rains on expressway was truly stunning. Being August month rains had made the surroundings green, foggy, bit cold and mesmerizing. A perfect head start of the day.

Maa ke hath ka khana (food made by mother), the aroma of tadkas, spices, pickles, chutneys and mouth watering sweets this speculation overtook the 4 hours distance with a blink of our eyes and we reached  to our destination-finally – Sweet Home. All family members awaited for the meet, surprises by cousins and here we got the tag of NRI (Non Resident of India). 3 weeks of our holidays in which 2 days had already gone in travelling though, there was super excitement and happiness all around. The schedule was packed with Daawat (invitations), meeting old friends, colleagues, lots of shopping and smacking the chats and street foods. Nothing can beat the peace of home, sleep in your own cozy bed and love of your own people.

Festive season was around the corner so city was fully decorated, lighted, pandals for Ganesh idol installed, full of enjoyment mood all around, energized us more. The comfort service of home delivery, ironed clothes from laundry, having lot of people around was indeed a bliss and feeling of contentment. The enjoyment and pranks of our daughter with her cousins, sleep overs, fights and short day trips made the stay most memorable.

Ya packing all the joy, good memories and of course Maa ke hath se bane snacks, we headed back to Seattle. 3 weeks flew in a fraction of a second but immense bundle of joy, love and care, we took with us for the upcoming year ahead.