Me Time

What do I write about now? What do I have to say that’s important enough to be worth publishing? With this thought blocking my head I came up with a simple answer “Me Time”. I am enjoying this current peaceful moment of scribbling down my thoughts. Ya my own ‘me time’. Could it be the topic today?

Most of us know that self-care is essential for happiness. But do we take the time to think about what self-care actually means for each of us?

“Me time” means time of a person for himself/herself for his own enjoyment, pleasure and relaxation. The first thing to understand of ‘me time’ is that it is not selfish. You should not feel guilty of taking it. Rather its a healthiest way to keep yourself and people around you contented. Its very true you can’t take care of anyone else unless you take care of yourself. When you treat yourself well, it will trickle down to everything else in life –  your partner, children, classmates, co-workers etc.

But making yourself the top priority is hard when you have a seemingly endless to-do list of family, work and school obligations. How do you find that time for you?

  1. Convincing yourself that its for your benefit and not selfish
  2. Asking family members for help for e.g. If the kids are old enough some tasks can be distributed to them like arranging of plates for dinner, folding of clothes, watering plants etc.
  3. Learn to say ‘No’ i.e. not compromising with your time, some commitments can wait but not time
  4. Find an activity that is relaxing not stressful at all. It could be anything reading books, painting, blogging, cooking, long drive alone, a walk on treadmill etc. anything which makes your mind happy
  5. Make yourself accountable and create opportunities for yourself

15 – 30 minutes on daily basis, for self-care can be very well worked upon. Its not about women only rather implies to men too. It is important for men to feel their independence. And why not co-ordinate “me” times? When a man is in his ‘den’, he wants to be left alone. He’s working out his problems and frustrations by doing something alone, like reading newspaper or watching TV or doing something active with his buddies or even listening to music. You should not feel guilty for taking time out for you. At the end of the day, it really is a win-win for everyone.

Some of the ways to deal with self care are Eating nutritious food, yes, Exercise regularly, sure. Then, of course, there’s hydrating, sleeping sufficiently, meditating and doing whatever other relaxation rituals work for you. With today’s busy pace, you can all too easily forget how to recharge your batteries. Yet, it’s important for your health, well-being and creativity to take time out to relax and find some “me” time. Taking time out for yourself is not a luxury–it’s a necessity. Most particularly, it is an important part of keeping your stress levels at bay.