Stevens Pass

Its Friday again! Now that the weekend is finally here, we are ready to kick back and relax. The very thought of not waking up to an alarm is so delightful, isn’t it? You certainly need to rest after working hard all week long. We too had tranquilizing Saturday morning and suddenly to make it more merrier we planned for long drive through the woods and destination was Stevens Pass.

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating, there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. – John Ruskin

Being fascinated by the word ‘Snow’ since childhood, seen and fantasized only in stories, cartoons and movies,  Seattle gave us the exposure of Snow flurries too. Though city doesn’t adore heavy snowfall but nearby surroundings does. 60 miles from Seattle 1 hour 30 minutes drive take you to Skiing mountain i.e. Stevens Pass. Its about experiencing the mountains in their natural state and a heart-thumping passion for powder and gravity. Our reverence for nature runs deep. At Stevens, learning the terrain and the sport is a lifelong adventure.

With all winter and rain gears, we were set for adventure of skiing and beautiful scenic drive. Listening to the melodies of Bollywood singers the commuting of U.S. Highway 2 was amazing. The greenery of forests and high peaks of mountain drag to nature’s beauty. There is so much more to these mountains than rock, slopes and snow. Stevens magnetism makes you explore all the avenues. The play with white powder, making snow man and trying skiing is memorable. Apart from skiing areas the snow on trees and surroundings was soft as if white tiny granules blanket covering it. It was amusing to walk on the white surface, getting legs sink into. The reflection of blue vault of heaven was seen on the snow. Though the snow was cold as it bit our fingers and cool breeze kissed our cheeks, but it was fun.

All skiing equipment’s are available on rent. The Lift to the peak of mountain visualizes the luscious dark green trees and pure white snow underneath the blue sky. Night Skiing can also be enjoyed.

The peace and serenity at pinnacle relaxes the soul completely. The scenic tour of mountain with lift (cable car) is worth taking.  After enjoying the deep powder of Stevens Pass, relaxing in a retreat as picturesque as these surroundings is enthralling. The Lodges at the base provides delicious hot grills and pizzas. The barbecue smell at the outdoors catch your taste buds. Indeed its an altogether different adventure with ‘Snow’.


19 March 2016 – Snow Condition

Experience the quieter side of Stevens Pass and a historic beautiful setting of classic skiing, skate skiing or snowshoeing. Surely a place not to miss in Washington.



Spring in Seattle

IMG_0743 (1)

University of Washington – Quad Cherry blossom (12 March 2016)

An appealing ‘Similie’ is created between Man and Nature. Season changes as months go by. Due to global warming though variations are seen in weather cycle each year. As man needs diversity in life so do Nature. Before coming to Seattle, I was never a daily observer of weather. But Seattle habituates you to look out the daily forecast.

Seattle’s weather is like mind of a child, which never stuck to a particular toy to play upon, similarly weather deviates the whole day showing its different shades. Though infamous for all time showers and downpours the whole year, still city gets delight of other season like winter, spring, summer and autumn. The notoriously rainy, dreary winters in Seattle can be jarring and stuck you to indoors. To get out this winter rut is indeed an experience to relish in. Yay!! Spring is on roll followed by Summer. Its time to start fresh.

image2 (2)

Spring seems like a natural, massive reset button for us. While the winter rains can get ominous, the result in the Spring time is an almost impossibly bright green landscape dotted with flowers everywhere.  Springs main attraction in Seattle is distinguished Cherry blossom trees. University of Washington Quad Cherry trees (aka Yoshino Trees) are well-known, which are 80 years old and bloom during early March and last for 3 weeks. Yoshino trees originate from Japan. The Cherry blossom trees at Quad of University WA feels like a giant squatting trolls at the base on the yawning green patch but stretch overhead and dwindle into velvet bursts of delicate blossoms. The pink and white flowers mesmerize your eyes in the bright blue backdrop of sky. Chilly breeze blows the flower petals as if snow flurries in the air, thereby forming a carpet on the lawn.



Seattleites flock to the streets to soak up the sun’s rays and glimpse cherry blossom trees. People fill-up the outdoor cafes, the piers, picnic tables and submerge themselves in bright sunny streaks. No way to fastened yourself to cozy warm comfort and books as winter compels it. The bright flare and floweret pulls you out to exploit. Activities like cycling, skating, baseball games, soccer blocks the day. The happiness blooms in air and even in office people dodge work and urge to get the bliss of ‘The Sun’.

A brand-new exposure  of ‘Spring’ make the cameras fully-loaded with beauty and different species of flowers, trees and fruits.

image1 (5)

Close-up view of Cherry Tree Flowers (aka Yoshino Cherry/Sakura)

image3 (2)

While some trees floret and others bloom into tender light green leaves. The dead trees again become lively giving us an inspirational message -‘ Letting Go’. These trees shed their leaves, ripened fruits that clings to their branches. Man and tree, all living things are created to drop what is no longer needed and again starting the new life.

These blooms are sight to see. Although there are lot of places in the town to visit the blossoms , it is hard to beat the sheer concentration of trees at University of WA with the expansive  green fields and surrounded old buildings. Spring indeed brings color, joy and zest in life.

UW Cherry Blossom and Spring Flowers  (12 March 2016)