THE Day most Awaited

waiting for tushar

Engrossed in deep sound sleep, wrapped up in cozy comfort and energizing body and soul, the buzzer sealed off my slumber land and I impatiently stopped its ringing and echoing. Wake up! Wake up!! 5’o clock, its crack of the dawn and new day is awaiting to be challenged and experienced. Although the wait of 5 minutes more to snooze was pulling me back like a magnetic force and making it irresistible, still daily chores were knocking too. A dual situation in mind but a winning state  for more demanding stuff. Being a habit to see date and day first after getting up, I was thrilled with excitement. Oh Today is….

Thanking God for yesterday and praying for today with all zest and ignition in me I jump-off for the day. Time was moving with its pace and I had huge list to conquer. Excitation for the day lead to butterflies in my stomach and I headed to my zone- Kitchen. Cooking range was waiting for me to prepare lunch-boxes. Meanwhile, waking up my husband and daughter, switching on morning ragas on , checking Whats App messages accompanied my cooking. The Tick-Tock was hinting me to gear up fast before my daughter misses the School-Bus.

Being a Nuclear family, I frame to put together all my family members at Breakfast and Supper time. All unified at the Dinning table, dressed-up in their relevant attires and  ready to take nourishment. With my first sip of tea, taking a pause for a moment, I told Today is The Friday!!Hurray Friday!!!The excitement of having Friday today created zeal in all and lead to Friday discussion and Weekend Plans. The specialty of Friday is, its most looked forward day of the week, as followed by Saturday and Sunday i.e. two days off from work and school too. The Friday Fever plays on us Psychologically and Physically. Its the last day of week thrilled with joy and fun for Weekends. Movie Friday also for movie lovers. Gathering all my thoughts back, for most awaited day, I dispersed my members to their respective jobs and we all were set for Friday Fun! and again awaiting for Next  Friday!!

Letting Go


Let it go, Let it go…cold never bothered me anyway…I will rise like the break of dawn! Let it go! the famous ‘Frozen’ movie song. Can it be the mantra in today’s life? Yes, of course!

Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.

“Letting go” this strong affirmation what it actually says, is to give up resisting and struggling to hold on meaningless issues. Accept ‘What is’ and ‘let go of what was’! Life is full of challenges and taking risks. As we become mature and grow wiser, we realize what we need to hold on and what let go. I will never forget my best friends words “Set-loose guys”! It was a funny gesture and we all rolled in aisles and mocked with the word “set-loose” at him but deep inside there was a message.

No point in holding back grudges and messing up the present. Many problems are created by us which cater to health issues because of holding that stress in our body and mind. Like the song ‘Let it Go…’shed away your anger, grief, tensions and worries.There is so much to achieve in this short span of our lives. There are many opportunities we can avail according to our individual capabilities and this is not possible if we remain paralyzed by all those things we are supposed to let go.

Our mind and body constitute a single, unified system. Anything that affects one component of the system usually affects the other as well. Every emotional state has an impact on our physical being for better and for worse. There is nothing like ‘perfect moment’ for positive changes in our lives. Enjoying every bit of it makes it worth living. Our mind is like a little child. It creates our future. Of course it will rebel at first. It does not want to be retrained. But if you are strong and focused, in a very short time, the new way of thinking will be established.

Training mind can be achieved by practicing yoga and the most important part of yoga practice is the end, that pose is called Shavasana (corpse). Shavasana rarely fails to induce a sense of calm and relaxation. As body and mind are one, by becoming aware of your body and by learning to let go of the tension that it holds within it, your whole being becomes calmer and more serene.

Make life simpler, let go past and foresee future. Happiness comes within and it needs to be cultivated. We have to examine ourselves what contributes to a flourishing, in our life. Pain will leave you, when you let go. There will never be a time when life is easy and simple. There always be time to accept things and start practicing it. Believe every moment is a chance to let go and feel peaceful in life.

Let go of Frustration in your life:

  • Express yourself through creative outlet like blogging or painting or cooking new dishes
  • Stop thinking of past, but always to take along good memories
  • Love yourself, appreciate and thank God for your presence in this world
  • Focus all your energy on something you can control
  • Start training your mind and learn new skills
  • Forgive others and lead on
  • Practice Deep Breathing
  • Make a list of your accomplishments-small things in day to day life
  • Channel your discontent into an immediate positive action

Ponder on this thought and make an approach towards it.

I end with these wise words , “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or loose.” The Frozen movie song truly depicts it and it could be your mantra and inspiration of living. -‘ Let it Go’ song

Passion Series-3


Confused with Porsche? But its Ruf CTR-2 with Porsche body shell




Nissan Versa

Points to Remember while Sketching:

  • Start sketching lightly!
  • Visualize the curvatures of the product and rotate your drawing (page) as you work.
  • While your pencil is sharp, go for fine details and make lines cleaner.
  • Clean up any smudges with your eraser.

Go with old saying “Practice makes man perfect”. Stand back and admire your creation.




Design And Materials

Design is a thinking process, which ultimately gives an end product in the form of an object or a product. Design plays a critical role in the manipulation and creation of space, form, materials and technology to solve complex problems, that people can understand and enjoy. A designer, designs a product, which has a particular form, shape and size. Color, texture, aesthetic appearance is imparted by the material. Use of specific material, to make that product attractive, safe and easy to handle with different finishes is done. In brief materials exert a profound influence on the form of products.

Materials are one of the key elements of a manufacturing system and give a form to a particular product. But the selection of a proper material has always been a difficult task since it requires experience as the variety of materials available is constantly increasing. Engineering materials differ widely in physical properties, methods of forming and possible service life. The designer should consider all these facts in selecting an economical material and a process that is best suited to the product.

Materials have an intense influence on products, through which they can be identified. No where is this more visible than in Architecture . The Parthenon, the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, all great symbols of their age,  are unique expressions of what is possible with a particular material. An Eiffel Tower made from stone is as inconceivable as a Parthenon made from wrought iron or a Golden Gate Bridge made of reinforced concrete.

The statement of Alder and Louis Sullivan:

‘Form Follows Function’!! is refined to’ Form Follows Material too’!!

Function means the task an object (product) is designed to fulfill, the task instrumental in shaping the form. Man has used the functional suggestions of nature innumerable times. Utensils, appliances,   containers, tools are based upon his observation of nature. In designing for human consumption, function is not only a demand for a limited mechanical task, function also includes the fulfillment of biological, psychological and sociological requirements. Thus, materials come into picture, which guides the design and technology.

Form is taken into account. From radios to cars to toothbrushes, we’re all bowled over by style. Is there any contribution of material to this notion? Indeed it is. Material makes the product catchy to eyes and thereby solving the purpose. Material gives different avenues to a designer to work upon. Thus, a design is composed of form, function, consumer usage, aesthetics and business.  Selection of a particular material should satisfy all these aspects of design.The bottom line of any designed product is, it should be able to generate income, bring in business and be relevant to the consumer aimed at. Its an exploration of an idea and ability to understand people and their needs.

Design is not just about aesthetics, its a serious planning of a designer in creating a product which appeals to the consumer in functionality and cost too. Design and selection of particular material go hand in hand for a product or a building.

Driving in Seattle


Road in Seattle

Pune, base of the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire, city in Maharashtra, state of India. Famous for its rich culture, freedom fighters, architectural history, education and traffic.

Yes! Traffic! Pune is infamous for traffic violators and bad road conditions. It takes hours to go from one place to another, with slow moving traffic  and small roads. After driving for almost a decade in this city, and now getting a chance of driving in Seattle, this exposure was so gratifying, that we are compelled to share it with you all.

The roads here overwhelmed us. In spite Seattle receives rain throughout the year, still the roads are well maintained and its a pleasure to drive on it. Even though roads are tar roads still you will not find a single pot-hole on it. In Pune, with one single shower of rain, all the roads become unpleasant to drive on.  Also, all the roads here have proper markings with white and yellow lines, indicating right-left or straight direction. They all are consistent everywhere, nowhere one can find its faded or removed. All the signals are working 24 x 7. Its incredible how they maintain all these stuff with uniformity. Immediate thought comes to our mind, if it is possible here, why cant we do it in India?

One might argue that we have more population to accommodate, but that should actually help to maintain things because we have more man power to work with. Even in the down-town areas where the width of road is small (if we compare to our Laxmi road, they are almost of the same width) still they are managed better here. The striking difference is how much people follow the rules. Even though there are cameras which are used to track the rule breakers, but we have seen people following rule on their own, rather than because of compulsion. Even though there is nobody on the road, people stop at red signal, waiting for it to be green. Can you imagine this being in Pune? Its an awe-inspiring experience to drive on these roads without hearing a single honk. Here honk is only if you made some mistake or driving rash. In traffic jam also people patiently wait in their lane for traffic getting clear, no one jumps the lane or overtake for going forward and making traffic condition even worse, which we see a very common scene on Indian roads. If Fire Brigade or Ambulance pass on the road,  everyone moves to the right side of the road to give it the way. It is impressive to watch that ambulance passing on the road.

People here  not only care for their own driving, but are always ready to help new drivers. I experienced that when i was new on the road, on the very first day of my driving i forgot to turn on lights, one person came parallel to me and informed me about my mistake.

It definitely has to do with the attitude of people, rather than someone enforcing the rules on them. If everyone accepts it as their own responsibility to drive carefully, this can be achieved in India too and Indian roads also will be pleasurable to drive on.


Snoqualmie Falls

20 hours of journey from Mumbai(India)- Seattle with all zeal, we were thrilled for upcoming weekend to explore Seattle. Our first destination was to traverse Nature in Seattle.

A little escape to Nature, indeed it was famous Snoqualmie Falls. Snoqualmie Falls hidden in exquisite landscape, surrounded by Maples, Spruce, Cedars and Fir trees is a treat to our eyes. The 25 miles (40 kms) drive from Seattle downtown to the Falls is a splendid drive. The curves of roads, the play of clouds showing all blue shades and greenery of trees soothes mind and soul. Its the most stunning waterfalls of United States.

IMG_3560        IMG_3572

The Falls are major source of naturally generated hydro-electric power for the region. Its 268 foot, 82 meter wonder on the Snoqualmie river visited by over 1.5 million people per year. The splashing of water from a height mesmerizes all. The small water droplets sprinkling on the decks, face of viewers and Oh! My Gosh!! feeling makes the observation more stimulating and entertaining. The cold breeze makes the cheeks, nose red and palm of hands numb. At that moment a desperate desire to have hot coffee urges and to our wish Espresso is around to grab one.

IMG_3562        IMG_3557

The overhead pathway over the road from parking area is a pleasure to walk. There is a trail of half a mile to reach the river bed of Snoqualmie. Different birds, insects and old trees covered with moss makes the walk adventurous. The hike back-up is fairly steep, so you will definitely get a work-out traveling back-up trail.

IMG_3591       IMG_3594

The next door Salish Lodge 4 star hotel famous for its country breakfast is an amazing option. But Indian taste buds need more spice and tadkas in food. Just a mile away from the Falls is the downtown of Snoqulamie. The walk in ‘suburban’ downtown is great and relaxing. Being choosy food lovers we targeted the Aahaar-An Indian Eatery famous for its South-Indian cuisines. Fried Fish in Kerala(India) style, prawns, vegetable korma with Malabar Parothas were delicious in taste and awesomely served. Though the wait for a seat was 40 minutes but it was worth and still the taste is relishing in  our mouth. The meal was ended by desert Badam Halwa. Chef Ajay Panicker from Kerala(India) who is passionate about cooking  had made the dishes mouth-watering.

IMG_3551        IMG_3548

A great kick start for travelogue – Snoqualmie Falls. As they say Nature acts as a Stress-Buster, which truly can be experienced here.

For a souvenir be sure to visit the gift store and pick up box of Snoqualmie Falls Pancake or Waffle mix to remember your journey. The free parking and free viewing areas are open from dawn to dust and are wheelchair accessible. Leashed pets are allowed. Light illuminate the Falls in the evening.

Video of Snoqualmie Falls